Top Notch 2-4

Отличный сериал для уровней Beginner, Elementary и Pre-Intermediate

Просматриваем серии и учим ключевые слова из сериала.

Часть 1. Let’s go ->

Exrecise 1. Put Paul’s story about his accident in the order you hear it in the video episode.

Exercise 2. Complete each statement with the correct answer.

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences with the car parts Paul talks about.

Часть 2. Let’s go ->

Welcome to your Top Notch 2-4-2

1. Paul calls AutoRent to rent a van.
2. They need the van tomorrow.
3. They will need it for two weeks.
4. They will return it on the thirtieth of the month.
5. Paul can’t decide what color van he wants.
6. Cheryl says a blue van will be fine.
7. They need to rent a van because _______.
8. Paul does not want Bob’s fish sandwich because ________
9. Paul wants a four-wheel drive van because ________
10. Cheryl asks for lots and lots of insurance because ________

11. “Do you have any four-wheel drive vans?”
12. “Do you have any luxury vans with DVD and stereo?”